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Dee Owens, CEO​Personalized Marketing Inc.​

“As a marketing manager, it is always nice to have clients where you not only enjoy working with them but also enjoy their material as well. I have had the pleasure of working with her when it comes to writing content for blogs. Not only is Karen efficient when it comes to getting her work done, but she is also thorough on the topics she writes about.​”As a reader, I have had the great pleasure of reading books written by Holly Bargo (aka Karen). Her stories are well told, they provide just enough pace to keep you hooked for more while not rushing ahead leaving you wondering where the story got lost. Her editing skills definitely come into play when you go to read her work, you can tell that she took the time to look over her work before sending it out to the public.”

Bradley Caro Cook, Ed.D., Co-founding Director, Career-Up Now

“I’ve been searching for years to find the right person to work with in publishing my books. Karen came to the rescue … not only is she meticulous in her work, she also has excellent communication skills and gets things done quickly. She’s allowed me to focus on the parts I love to do, and she’s taken care of the rest. If you are exploring someone to work with, look no further than Karen and Hen House Publishing.”

Shaka Bello, MA, Communication Strategist & Social Entrepreneur

“As a first time author, having Karen as my editor was what I needed to successfully publish my memoir. First of all, she knows her stuff. Her editing, proofreading, and formatting expertise is unquestionably top notch. Karen is very reliable as she gets the job done ahead of schedule. More importantly, she goes above and beyond to make her customers satisfied. Oh, did I mention that her rates are budget friendly? I highly recommend her services.”

Leslie Popham, Managing Director​Regis Publishing Ltd.

“Karen and I share a love of good writing and an enthusiasm forcorrect English. Karen is a top-notch author of both fiction andnon-fiction, and I thoroughly recommend her services to anyonewho needs help with content editing.”

Arla Jones, Author

Hen House Publishing is a superb editing company. From the very beginning, my editor was professional, straightforward, and encouraging. She was exactly the editor I was looking for. I wanted to get clear guidance and feedback for my latest YA manuscript. I am beyond satisifed with the results so far.

Donna Johnson, Author

“I highly recommend Karen. She did a remarkable job editing myfirst book manuscript. I look forward to working with her in thefuture.”

Fred Yeager, Author

Karen Smith, Hen House Publishing, edited and proofed my manuscript of 89,000 words. I was very satisfied with her editing and proofing. She worked quickly and returned the edited and proofed manuscripts in a short time. It is apparent that she has a firm grasp of grammar and punctuation, as well as the elements of fiction such as character development, plot development, and pace, to mention only a few, that assures the client that she will do a professional job. Karen is reliable and very easy to work with. She is a true professional, and in my opinion, she went the extra mile to return to me a manuscript that completely satisfied me and will be readily accepted by agents and publishers as a well-crafted, error-free manuscript. I can without reservation recommend Karen Smith, Hen House Publishing, for your copy editing and proofing.

​Marshay Crowley, Author

“Karen Smith’s services are wonderful and very professional. She answered all my questions with class and assertiveness–such a blessing to work with! When I thought I couldn’t find an editor, she greeted me with open arms and was very knowledgeable in her expertise. She challenged me to use my imagination to its full potential. A pleasure to work with! Blessings to her and Hen House Publishing.”

​Perry Freeman, Author

“I just want to say that I used Karen Smith, Hen House Publishing as a ghost writer for a very long, 500-plus page novel.”Karen was very easy to work with and had no problem making changes as we went through the process. There were a lot of twists and turns in my story, and she made additions and added color where it was needed. She was prompt and very-open minded to any suggestion or concerns that I had.”The fact that this was my first novel, I needed all the help that I could get.I would recommend Karen to anyone needing help with organizing and getting a finished draft completed.”

Craig Evans, Licensed Realtor at Silvercreek Realty Group

After writing a memoir/self-help manuscript with 46,000 words, I felt there were a few loose ends, but couldn’t seem to convey those thoughts to paper—I felt stuck in the story. After receiving Karen’s first edit, I knew I’d found the right editor. Somehow she managed to keep my voice while making edits and suggestions. Her developmental edits and feedback gave me just the inspiration I needed to put on paper what I wanted the book to convey to help the reader. I don’t know how she does it. Karen is serving humanity one book at a time. Thank you so much, Karen.

Shay Kelley, Author

Karen’s expertise and positive feedback and suggestions have made me a more conscious writer as I process and evaluate my work. I analyze and evaluate my work to be sure I am aware that I am saying what I intend to say. It has been a long process back, following a stroke, to be confident again on my writing. Thanks for all your help, Karen; you have helped me overcome barriers.

Aaron Hunnel, Author

“Karen helped bring my story to life by editing my manuscript and giving me thoughtful recommendations to enhance my stories. Her attention to detail, creativity and professionalism make Karen a top notch partner for any business endeavor you seek. I highly recommend her services.”

Shonda Brown White, Author

“​I recently worked with Karen on my book and she was my editor. She was wonderful and taught me so much even within this single project. I’m looking forward to using her again in the future.”

Athanasios Rozou, Attorney at Law

“​Working with Karen is always a pleasure. She is not only a professional and conscientious editor, but also a perfectionist. She won’t stop editing your manuscript until it really shines. I am very satisfied.”