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Kimberly Gilson, Author

As a first-time author, I cannot recommend Karen’s services highly enough. She is professional, dependable, and committed to making your project the best it can be. She did a critique of my work, the editing, and the formatting. Karen was the thought partner I needed. She did more than just correct spelling and grammar. She provided invaluable insight to my Christian non-fiction book that greatly improved the clarity of the ideas I was presenting. I look forward to working with her on my future projects!

Michael Lopez Rios, 0-0-8 Studios

It was an absolute pleasure working with Karen. 10/10, 5/5, 8/8, highly recommended for collaboration. 🙂

I got to see and discuss Karen’s “method-to-madness”‘ firsthand. I enjoyed every word, moment, and lesson to be had. Karen’s writing is quick, efficient, and keeps you locked in, ensuring purpose to every word. She is patient (w/ great communication), detail-oriented, shares opinions and research when needed, and isn’t afraid of questions—helping drive projects in the best direction possible.

Very rarely do we run into individuals who share in mission with us, but Karen was it. Her efforts helped bring a story to life, one word at a time. And we loved it.

0-0-8 Studios looks forward to the next collab.

Dawn Sutherland, Sutherland & Associates, Inc.

We recently hired Karen Smith to write a series of short articles following an online event. She quickly suggested topics and immediately drafted the first article.

Karen is an excellent writer. She effectively captured the tone and style of our organization. We particularly appreciated her subject-matter research which provided an additional depth and breadth to the articles. Karen made appropriate and very savvy strategic decisions regarding the content. We didn’t have to hold her hand and tell her what to write.

Karen works quickly and efficiently. Most articles did not require any revisions. She’s that good!

I would highly recommend Karen. It was a pleasure working with her. We will definitely use her ghostwriting services again.

Arvey Krise, Author

This is my first book to self-publish. It has been a tedious learning process, a template for future publications, so when my editor suggested I hire a professional formatter, I was at a loss. But then she recommended Karen Smith from Henhouse Publishing. I am so happy she did. Karen picked up her phone herself, the first time I called, and patiently answered all of my questions. She is amazing. A seasoned professional who immediately made me feel at ease. If you’ve slaved over writing a book, you understand that it is your baby, a product of the proverbial blood, sweat, and tears, and you are the protective mama. Karen treated my book with respect. When she recommended that I get a professional proofreader, I questioned it. But based on her many impressive years of experience I took her advice. A brilliant suggestion … but one that required Karen to reformat the manuscript to include the corrections. Corrections of errors that would have gone to press without Karen.  She did a wonderful job and is my go-to for future books. Thank you Karen!

Charles Leveilee, New Apps Agency

“Wonderful experience to work with Karen, effortless to communicate with her. She’s super knowledgeable how to write an excellent article. Hope to work again with you.“

Donna Johnson

“I highly recommend Karen. She did a remarkable job editing my first book manuscript. I look forward to working with her in the future.“

Ashley MarChelle

“Karen did an amazing job! She’s professional, thorough and offered constructive criticism. What more can I ask for?“

Mike DiGilio, President, Wallcovering Installers Association

“I just finished the latest Installer and I wanted to compliment you all.  What a great issue. The idea of bringing Karen in to do the writing is brilliant. It looks great and reads great. It makes us look so good.  Keep up the good work. Great job everyone. I can’t wait to read the next one.“

Jayne Heggen, CEO​Heggen Group

“When it comes to business writing… give me a Powerpoint doc, Visio workflow or a tweet and I’m golden. When it comes to writing my own storyline, I’m all thumbs. That’s where Karen came in and saved me! She looked at all my factual stuff and then began to weave a story that people could really read and understand! I am in awe of her talent and skills, a true professional. Importantly, I am honored she could take the time to help me while authoring her own books and maintaining her publishing business. Final note, she’s a great teacher, listener and supporter. I highly recommend Karen to anyone with a writing need and intend to engage her in several more projects going forward.”

Johnny B. Dunn, Playwright

“Words with depth, structure smooth and poetic, and a level of professionalism unmatched by other writers I have worked with, best describes my experience working with Karen. She holds such command of the English language that it has been a pleasure and relief to find someone so capable of leading me through the journey of crafting and polishing my thoughts to the page.”When I began my search for a writer, I had hoped to find someone capable of anticipating my needs and expectations. Karen works very quickly and accurately. Her work ethic has helped me stay on task to diligently complete my work. I would highly recommend Karen to anyone who seeks creative and professional hand holding through the development process. She easily adapts her voice to ensure consistency. She manages her time to achieve and in most cases, exceed timelines. She ensures there is alignment before moving forward minimizing the need for rework due to lack of clarity.”I encourage anyone in need of a quality product to engage Karen to help mold and polish their fact or fiction. From blogs to novels, I have extreme confidence in Karen’s capabilities and drive to get me where I need to go with the level of sophistication I know my audience expects of me.”

By Leonard Bernard, Jr., PMP, CSM

“​Karen is an exceptional fantasy writer. I am working with her in a few projects and I could not be more happy with her attention to details, delivery times, and professionalism.”

Kyle Galindez, Author

“I hired Karen Smith to review my unpublished, high fantasy manuscript. I asked Karen to provide a general critique and answer some specific questions I had. Karen was extremely helpful, identifying several problems that needed to be corrected. These included problems related to character development, world-building, and the quality of writing. I appreciated Karen’s attention to detail and her breadth of knowledge, especially regarding topics I knew little about.”It was gratifying to know Karen enjoyed my story, but I was more thankful for her honest and thoughtful criticisms. I am also grateful for Karen’s advice in improving my story and for answering follow-up questions I had upon receiving the critique. I highly recommend writers of any genre to consider enlisting Karen Smith as a critic or editor, especially new or inexperienced writers.”

Cindy Draughon, Freelance Editor

“​I’ve edited more than 60 manuscripts in the last several months, as well as prodigious amounts of documents written by senior-level executives over the course of five years. Rarely have I found someone who writes as well as Karen. Her thoughts are lucid and well-organized and, in my opinion, her skills really shine when it comes to fiction flavored with paranormal nuances. She masterfully draws 3-D or even 4-D characters and weaves stories the reader does not want to put down, even to grab a bite to eat. Karen is a prolific writer, and when I asked how she manages that…she said if she didn’t write, her mind would explode. Now that’s the sign of a true writer!”

Greg Laux, Marketing Committee​Wallcovering Installers Association

“I just wanted to say thanks and congratulations for making us appear far more polished than we really are!”That was a pleasure to read and the wordcraft involved made [the newsletter] an easy–and enticing—flow. I am betting our members will find similarly. Thank you for both your skills and the time you have devoted to upholding our professionalism.”

Charles Leveilee

“Wonderful experience to work with Karen, effortless to communicate with her. She’s super knowledgeable how to write an excellent article. Hope to work again with you.”

John Guagliardo, Ph.D., Executive Director​World Library Foundation

“I have had the distinct pleasure of being able to work with Karen for the past several years. During that time, she has done a wonderful job as the World Library Foundation’s monthly newsletter’s senior editor. Karen created the page layouts, wrote articles, and edited the articles of the other four staff writers. We could not have done it without her. She never was late or under preformed. Karen was always a pleasure to work with.”​I wanted to post this recommendation, to express my sincere appreciation for all she had done to help our Foundation.”

Mary Hoy

“Highly recommended writer. High quality work!”

Dominic Brogsdale, Author

“And a very special thank-you to my consultant and editor, Karen M. Smith (Hen House Publishing). She’s extremely professional. She edits your work quickly and gets it back to you fast. She fixed grammar and punctuation, gives top-notch advice, and wants nothing but the best for you and from you. Anything else you can think of in terms of writing she does and she does it well.”I produce 7,000- to 15,000-word stories and Karen gets it back to me within one to three days! If she’s late or working on it because she’s assisting another, she has the courtesy to get back to you and let you know she’s a bit behind: you can’t beat that type of professionalism. Karen also helped me with a public reading of my story, ‘Evil On Top of Evil: Part 2.’ I needed it within 24 hours; she got it back to me with in a couple of hours and sent me three different formats. Again, you can’t beat that type of professionalism. She’s been wonderful.”

Brett Kade, Author

“​It’s always nerve-racking having your work critiqued, especially by a professional. Karen made the process simple and easy. She was able to knock out my manuscript in no time and gave me valuable feedback to make it better. When I get the next one done, I’m definitely heading her way again.”