“Words with depth, structure smooth and poetic, and a level of professionalism unmatched by other writers I have worked with, best describes my experience working with Karen. She holds such command of the English language that it has been a pleasure and relief to find someone so capable of leading me through the journey of crafting and polishing my thoughts to the page.”When I began my search for a writer, I had hoped to find someone capable of anticipating my needs and expectations. Karen works very quickly and accurately. Her work ethic has helped me stay on task to diligently complete my work. I would highly recommend Karen to anyone who seeks creative and professional hand holding through the development process. She easily adapts her voice to ensure consistency. She manages her time to achieve and in most cases, exceed timelines. She ensures there is alignment before moving forward minimizing the need for rework due to lack of clarity.”I encourage anyone in need of a quality product to engage Karen to help mold and polish their fact or fiction. From blogs to novels, I have extreme confidence in Karen’s capabilities and drive to get me where I need to go with the level of sophistication I know my audience expects of me.”