“And a very special thank-you to my consultant and editor, Karen M. Smith (Hen House Publishing). She’s extremely professional. She edits your work quickly and gets it back to you fast. She fixed grammar and punctuation, gives top-notch advice, and wants nothing but the best for you and from you. Anything else you can think of in terms of writing she does and she does it well.”I produce 7,000- to 15,000-word stories and Karen gets it back to me within one to three days! If she’s late or working on it because she’s assisting another, she has the courtesy to get back to you and let you know she’s a bit behind: you can’t beat that type of professionalism. Karen also helped me with a public reading of my story, ‘Evil On Top of Evil: Part 2.’ I needed it within 24 hours; she got it back to me with in a couple of hours and sent me three different formats. Again, you can’t beat that type of professionalism. She’s been wonderful.”