“You know it don’t come easy.”

That’s true for almost anything we value. When my kids see me pounding away at the keyboard and ask, “Mom, are the voices talking to you?” they don’t understand that not only are the voices talking to me, but that I have to put them into context, build a world around them, flesh out their personalities and motivations. Readers aren’t privy to what’s simmering in my mind because they’re not there. It’s a dark and scary place anyway.

But sometimes it does come easy … er … easily. The latest release came in a rush. I spent four days furiously typing away, reviewing, revising. What we got was an 27,000 word novella. Then I spent a fifth day working away at a cover and promotional graphic. That’s tough when you don’t have the software that’s familiar to you. But I made do with GIMP, OpenOffice Drawing, and, yes, the ubiquitous MS Word.

(Let it be known now: I dislike MS products. I like Adobe.)

So, the novella, titled The Barbary Lion, is finished and posted for sale at $0.99 because that’s the lowest price Amazon will allow. Is $0.99 too much to pay for a novella of fewer than 100 pages? I hope not. Look under the Books tab of this website to find it listed with links to purchase.

So, what about the other books pending? Well, they’re still in the hands of beta readers. I hope to get Willow, The Dragon Wore a Kilt, The Diamond Gate, and Monterrey Salt out this summer. Fingers are crossed.