August has been an … er … interesting month.

The day job hasn’t improved. I’ll leave it at that. Beta readers went through The Dragon Wore a Kilt (DWK) and Willow and Pure Iron. I am waiting for the cover for DWK: who doesn’t like beefcake in a kilt? DWK is due to go live on August 31. Yeehaw! Willow will be coming out next, scheduled for October. Pure Iron should go live in November.

And maybe, just maybe, I’ll get my butt in gear and finish the sequel to The Barbary Lion, which will be called Tiger in the Snow. This novella tells Dmitry’s story. Tiger shifter Dmitry wouldn’t let me rest until I agreed to tell his story and let him find redemption. You got it, buddy.

Maybe I’m being too ambitious, though. For the last couple of weeks, the well of creativity has run dry. I’ve hardly written a paragraph that hasn’t involved rewriting in one of the other aforementioned manuscripts.

Rowan and Cassia both received some very nice reviews, for which I’m grateful. It’s heartening to know that some folks do enjoy my stories.

I’m running a special offer. The Mighty Finn will be offered as a free e-book from Amazon for three days: September 1 – 3. This is a contemporary romance: no werewolves, no vampires, no fae. Just a good story. Please read  it with my compliments and leave a review. (A positive review, I hope.)