PictureKindle Countdown Deal December 1 – 7: Get your copy for only $1.99!

It’s Thanksgiving Day here in the USA and, unlike most of the country, I’m not sitting down to stuff myself with turkey and sweet potato casserole. That will happen on Saturday. Today is much more relaxed, at least for the next couple of hours.

First, we’ll get our usual gripe out of the way. Play me a little Johnny Paycheck. Yeah, you know which song. It’s going happen sooner rather than later, about mid-December is my guess. I’ll give her a choice: I can walk out today or stay until the 23rd. And I’m taking my chair with me.

Second, we’ll get the sales pitch out of the way. I’m going freelance, folks! If you need a line editor or substance editor–I’ll correct your spelling and grammar and polish your writing–then see me. You can hire me through Fiverr.com at at a rate of $5 per 1,000 words. (That’s the number of words in your documents before I touch it, not after.) I’ve got over 20 years of professional writing and editing experience behind me that can be put to work for you. I hope to be one of the writers available through ArticleBunny.com. And I’ll be available through Outsource.com. (I’ll still be job hunting, though, for a regular paycheck.)

Third, we’ll get the book promotion out of the way. Willow: Branch 3 of the Tree of Life will go on sale for only $1.99 as a Kindle Countdown deal. The sale runs from December 1 through 7. Download your copy! (Hey, the $10 a month in royalties I’m currently earning doesn’t go far. Help an author out, why don’t you?)

Fourth, does anyone want–or do you know anyone?–a fabulous, walk-trot dressage pony mare who’s also terrific on trails? Or a quiet, well trained gelding who’s also a nice trail horse? The pony is 13 hh, plenty large and sturdy enough for a small adult. She’s sound as a dollar and perfect for timid riders. The gelding (15 hh) does best with a confident rider and has been trained to perform some reining maneuvers like spins and rollbacks. Both are out of shape. The pony (mare) comes with two dressage saddles (Kieffer Munchen and Stubben), bridle, strirrups, leathers, and saddle pads. The gelding comes with a  17″ Circle Y western saddle. (No, I will not sell the saddle separately.) Each needs a job to do. Contact me if you’re interested. Serious offers only.

So, take a load off, everyone, and enjoy the holiday. Happy Thanksgiving!