Monday, November 30th, saw my promotion to housewife. It’s freedom from the shackles of a soul-sucking job. It’s uncertainty. It’s the lack of a steady paycheck. This first week of freedom will be treated like a vacation, although I intend to get some writing done.

So, what happens now? I’ve been hunting for a new job, without result. I’m beginning to look into two membership based groups for virtual assistants and freelancers. I’ve signed up with Article Bunny and Outsource. I’ll be signing up for other freelance connections.

That said, the fiction writing won’t stop. In fact, I hope it will proceed stronger and more productive than ever. I envision the current project as an anthology of novellas, of which The Barbary Lion and its sequel Tiger in the Snow will be included, plus a Bratva romance and a girl-next-door, contemporary romance. Full speed ahead!

Wish me luck. Buy my books.