I intended to have Tiger in the Snow published by the end of 2015. It didn’t happen. But I finished the second and very rough draft yesterday and posted requests for beta readers. I expect a lot from my beta reader, but I don’t expect more from them than I expect from myself when I serve in that same capacity for another author.

Two volunteers graciously offered their time and critiques: Jack McDonald Burnett and Leo Walsh. I deeply appreciate their willingness to read what’s likely way outside their comfort zone, as most men aren’t terribly interested in reading paranormal romance, especially “smutty” stories like the ones I write.

I asked them to let their proverbial red pens hemorrhage. Be candid and blunt. Don’t pussyfoot and try to spare my delicate feelings. Really. I don’t quite get tact. Never have. I figure it’s best to get the wallops out of the way, one-on-one, before the story goes live and the public excoriates it.

So, when their edits come through, I’ll implement those with which I agree–which won’t be all of them but will be most of them. I know to check my ego at the door during this process. After the revised (third) draft is finished, I’ll try to find another beta reader to give it one last critical review. Then there will be a fourth draft and, after letting the work sit for a while to marinate in the old subconscious, there will be a fifth draft.

It’s at that point that I’ll finally tell myself it’s about as good as it’s going to get. The book will go live.

In the meantime while I wait for Jack and Leo’s edits, I’ll be working on other books. The next few are intended to be novella length to be published separately, and then combined into an anthology.