Three months overdue and I’ve finally released Tiger in the Snow. It’s a good feeling. I had some great beta readers help me beat the story into shape. This is the sequel to The Barbary Lion; this is Dmitry’s story.

I have another story–and novella–also being released this week: Russian Lullaby. This is a mafia romance, no paranormal, magical woo-woo going on in this story. If you like Roxie Rivera, then you ought to enjoy this little book. Again, a great beta reader helped with whipping this book into shape.

Releasing two books the same week might imply that I do nothing but write, edit, and rewrite all day long every day. Far from it. Well, I do write every day, just not my stuff. I’ve been busy lately with job hunting and freelance work.

It’s every freelancer’s goal to develop a stable of corporate clients because 1) they usually have ongoing assignments and multiple projects to ensure steady occupation (and income); and, 2) they pay better than the one-off person who has a one-time project. I’ve already ranted about the ridiculously low value placed on writing (and editing), so I’ll spare you that this time around.

Now that I’ve got Tiger in the Snow and Russian Lullaby out of the way–and, please, do buy a copy of each and leave a (positive) review–it’s time to get back in the proverbial saddle of creating content rather than editing.

So, what’s in the hopper? More paranormal romances, certainly. And a handful of contemporary romances, too. It all depends upon my mood, really. Several manuscripts were started years ago and I just haven’t gotten very far with them. Perhaps that means they suck. Or maybe I just need to focus. Regardless, celebrate the release of two new books with me and support your local author.