Today I return to my irregularly scheduled rant, because today I got screwed over.

Freelance aggregation services bring people with project into contact with freelancers who bid on those projects. Way back in early March one of those buyers hired me to edit website content for her. I did so. The project was delivered on March 7 and accepted as complete on March 9.

Today I received a message from the service regarding a dispute on payment of the work that I performed and delivered and which was accepted. Needless to say, I am fuming.

The sum paid wasn’t that much: $28. But the fact that a customer can ignore the service’s own rules and dispute a payment made for work delivered almost two months ago infuriates me. I have searched for the website containing the content (both pre- and post-editing), but cannot find it, which makes me suspect that the business went belly-up. I did send a complaint to the freelance platform; we’ll see if anything comes of it.

Still, it’s simply wrong to retrieve funds paid for good service rendered more than a month afterward.

Argh. Ugh. Grrrrr.

Anyone who hires a service that is performed, delivered, and accepted is obligated to remit fair payment for that service. One shouldn’t be able to decide weeks later that, no, he or she doesn’t want to pay. If you make an agreement, stick to it.