The August issue of Red Dwarf, newsletter filling in the months between issues of Red Sun Magazine, was released on August 29. Check out the two short stories featured: 1) “Paranormal Romance” by fellow Red Sun editor Phillip Eglund, and 2) “The Hidden Thorn” by Holly Bargo (aka yours truly). Due to the length of both stories, they have been broken into installments or episodes. The conclusion to “The Hidden Thorn” will be published in the newsletter’s third issue. “Paranormal Romance” will run to three total installments.

It is Red Sun Magazine‘s policy not to publish staff articles and stories in the magazine. However, our staff is comprised of talented writers (if I do say so myself) and will feature not only thought-provoking essays, but also short stories by staff that meet the submission criteria and are fit the magazine’s mission. In short, our work must pass the same criteria as any other author’s before being published on the website or in the newsletter.

Check out the newsletter: subscription is free. The magazine features terrific fiction stories in fantasy, horror, and science fiction and is well worth the subscription price. Purchase it in e-book or printed format. I hope you enjoy both the newsletter and the magazine.