I’m no marketing expert. Anyone can tell you that. But even I must acknowledge that marketing is necessary to sell books. My go-to marketing expert, Fire and Ice Book Tours, did a good job, but results from the last three campaigns were lackluster at best. I heard that Facebook marketing is very cost effective and just plain effective. So, I’m trying to try it.

Unfortunately, Facebook isn’t cooperating.

I don’t normally consider myself stupid, but Facebook is convincing me otherwise. Something’s wrong with the ad I’m trying to set up. I went so far as to establish a business page on FB: Hen House Publishing. I boosted the promotion of a sales post to almost 500 recipients. Woo. Hoo. What I really want is to send recipients in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand with advertisements promoting Ulfbehrt’s Legacy–you know, those little ads that appear to the right of one’s regular news feed.

Facebook says there’s an error with the order and offers me a link to “Fix Errors.” The link takes me to the “offer information” of the ad set page and offers nothing further that’s useful. What’s the error? I wish the system would be specific. That would help, because then I’d know what was wrong and could work on the problem to fix it.


Oh, and if you’re interested, Ulfbehrt’s Legacy will be on sale for only $0.99 until September 21.