I came across an RFP for an intriguing project: write the story behind a role playing game (RPG). It’s science fiction, which is definitely doable. The prospective client liked my proposal. However, the description of the project was vague–so vague as to be useless. I asked for more information. He sent me a link and clicked the “hire” button. I read the content and…wow…I have no idea what he wants.

Does he want a straight story developed from the plot outline? Does he want multiple story lines that will follow certain decisions made by certain characters at certain times within the game? Does he he want mainly dialog with a wee bit of description (like a screenplay)? So I responded with my questions and noted that the fee quoted for 1,000 words was inadequate for the job. Depending upon his answers, the project could run into tens of thousands of words.

I may have to withdraw from this project and make a note never again to bid on an RPG background project.

I was invited to bid on a handful of romance book projects over the past couple of weeks and turned them down. Not because I wouldn’t want to write them, but because I won’t accept slave wages. Same old story there, so I won’t go into details.

On another topic, I’m so far behind on editing and revising Russian Gold that it’s not funny. Simply put, my schedule has been packed and I’ve had no time to spare for my own work unless I give up little things like sleep. Anyway, I’ll do my best to make that October 31st release date.

Next week, I’ll once again be chasing gigs with the usual persistence. So, yeah, here’s my plug. I’m begging for work in this feast-or-famine career.