Part of the whole professional networking game is the practically mandatory involvement in LinkedIn followed by the chasing down of endorsements and testimonials. We’ve all heard the stories about how so-and-so was hired through a connection made on LinkedIn or some other social network. I know someone who knows four someones who did actually find jobs that way. But I don’t know anyone who can boast that success.

Maybe I don’t know the right people.

Anyway, promotional gurus state that one must toot one’s own horn in order to be noticed and for others to recognize your greatness. Okay, maybe not greatness. Let’s shoot for competence. In any case, it does no good–and maybe some ill–to proclaim as boxer Mohammed Ali, “I am the greatest!” I’m good at what I do, but I also know there’s always someone better out there. And there are a whole lot of people who are worse.

So, instead of bragging about my own awesomeness, I ask clients and colleagues to do that for me. Tell them I’m a wonderful writer, an insightful editor, a skilled organizer. Tell them, please!

I suppose I’d like a little cheese with that whine, too.

Anyway, testimonials and endorsements are supposed to work magic. At the very least, I can send potential clients to my LinkedIn profile and hope they see the “Gosh, she’s wonderful! You should hire her!” recommendations and take them to heart. It’s all part and parcel of the marketing game. After all, no one goes to an unhappy client and asks for a lousy, scathing review. Heck, I get those without asking. Just take a gander at the review on GoodReads for Russian Gold. Ouch!

So, if I contact you asking for a testimonial, it’s not because I’m trying to build my own ego. It’s because I’m trying to build my business, because the goal of every freelancer is to have people seek out my services rather than my having to chase them down and compete against the lowest of the low bidders.

Therefore, consider this an open invitation (plea, really) to endorse me and add your recommendations. I will appreciate that. Truly.