Weeks ago I commented on a harsh review received for one of my books. I noted the insights (i.e., lessons learned) extracted from the review. Since that review was posted, it has garnered over 120 comments from people passionately supporting the reviewer and some defending the book. I’m grateful to those who defend it and respect the right of those who dislike it to…well…dislike it. But the ongoing kerfuffle has become utterly absurd.

Quit it. Stop. It’s just a book, folks. A romance written for entertainment, not to change world philosophy or upset political regimes.

Reading some of the comments, I contacted the person who wrote that harsh review to let her know that I did not object to her right to write her review and to tell her that I have neither encouraged nor discouraged the responses her review received. Unfortunately, she took offense. I tried again in private message to smooth ruffled feathers and now try again in this blog post which applies to every author and every reader: If you read a book and like it, then leave a review. Be civil as well as candid. Mind your manners. Be an adult. Don’t leave a review for a book within the comments of someone else’s review. Post it as its own review. Focus your comments on the book, not the author.

Readers have the right to post their reviews. Authors have the right to their own feelings in response to those reviews.

Peace, folks. It’s just a book.