…just might be an oncoming train.

My self-imposed goal of 40,000 words for Russian Dawn has come and gone. Sometimes characters just don’t know when to quit. Regardless, I’ll keep writing until the book’s finished and then turn my energies to something else before embarking upon Giovanni’s story, tentatively titled Russian Pride. It helps to switch directions; otherwise the story line gets stale.

However, for those of you who are waiting for Russian Dawn, here’s a teaser:

After two years, Iosif Drakoniv’s patience finally pays off. He and Latasha marry and head off to Costa Rica for a tropical honeymoon. Iosif and Latasha anticipate nothing more than a carefree time of sun, sand, and sex. Latasha, however, catches the notice of the local drug cartel’s kingpin, who orders her abduction. Helpless to stop the kidnapping, Iosif calls Maksim for assistance. Maksim sends Bogdan and Gennady to help and puts them in touch with a local contact who can provide the weapons they’ll need to wage war.

They rescue Latasha. Maksim calls upon Gia’s grandfather, a mafia kingpin himself, for a favor to get Iosif, Latasha, Bogdan, Gennady, and two more people into the USA without tipping off Border Patrol. Shortly after they return to Cleveland, Guiseppe Maglione calls in that favor for Latasha to pay. If she declines, then she condemns the Cleveland Bratva to bankruptcy and ill will between the two organizations. If she accepts the opportunity, then she’ll be at the mafia’s beck and call forever. It’s a devil’s bargain and Latasha must make a choice.

I hope you’ll enjoy the book. Pre-orders should begin somewhere around March 6th or 7th.

Coming in April, I will be at the 2017 ConGlomeration as both an author representing my work and as a representative of Red Sun Magazine. Printed copies of my books AND issues of Red Sun Magazine will be available. Magazine issues, I believe, will be free. The books will be offered for sale. The event will be held April 7 – 9 at the Louisville Ramada Plaza and Conference Center. This promises to be a fun weekend for attendees of this “geek family reunion.”

Exhibitors are not permitted free booth passes for exhibit space staffing, so anyone who registers and attends will be invited to help me man the exhibit booth. I will be happy to reward your service with free copies of my books (which, yes, I will have to pay for).