Author: “Hey, Cindy, I’ve got another manuscript ready. Are you interested in editing?”

Editor: “Sure. Send it on over.”

A week later, the manuscript for The Falcon of Imenotash returned with edits and the following comments from the editor: “Several of the comments were just my observations at different points in the story… like when Aridis turned into a leopard! I wasn’t expecting that, so WOW! that was exciting. And when I stopped for the day, I indicated that it was hard to do so since I was enjoying the story so much. … I love the characters and the plot line. … simply magnificent! I did not want the story to end.”

As an editor myself, I cannot often say that I have such an enthusiastic reaction to a manuscript. As an author, I don’t often get such an enthusiastic reaction from readers. So, yipperdoo, this makes me giddy.

The upshot of this is that The Falcon of Imenotash will go live a week earlier than originally anticipated. The launch price remains at $0.99; but, the launch period has been reduced by a week and will end on May 31. Order your copy now.

This delightful news segues into a scenario that many, if not all of us, have dealt with: a new doctor. Our family doctor closed her small practice, thereby obliging all her patients to find new healthcare providers. By the way, I dislike that term, healthcare provider. To make a long story just a little longer, I found a new doctor. It wasn’t pretty.

Anyone who knows me well will tell you that I generally avoid the medical profession as though they carried the plague. If I feel the need to see a physician, you know something’s really wrong. Otherwise, I subscribe to the notion that it ain’t broke and there ain’t no need to fix it.

So, the visit to the new doctor ended up with three practically back-to-back follow-up appointments to be poked, prodded, violated, and robbed of my dignity. That doesn’t include the “You need to lose a few pounds” comment. Really? Apparently, I’m too stupid to realize I’m fat. That was yesterday. I’m still fuming. I maintain that the medical profession treats women with contempt. I get more compassion and understanding from our veterinarians.

So, the new exercise regimen began today. I walked a mile. It took around 20 minutes. I sustained an elevated heartbeat the entire time. With consistent effort, I’ll be able to walk four miles in an hour… eventually. I did it before and refuse to accept that I cannot do it again. I’ll research natural/herbal remedies to treat my aches and pains. With luck, the exercise and herbal remedies will raise my metabolism, reduce my weight, and improve my general health.

​Hey, it can’t hurt, right?