As a thank-you to current readers and a taste of my work for potential readers, I have released a short story (less than 10,000 words) titled “By Water Reborn.”

Those who enjoy my paranormal and fantasy fiction will like this. Those who aren’t sure about paranormal and/or fantasy romance should give it a whirl. There’s no cost to download and read the story. Just in case you’re wondering, yes, my editor liked it, too: “I SO enjoy your writing… You create these wonderful worlds that beg to be expanded upon and explored. I know your other readers feel this way, as well.

Of course, since Kindle Direct Publishing won’t allow me to upload a “permafree” story, I had to set a price for this book. The free book promotion begins on June 27 and runs for five days. After that, I’ll remove it from Amazon. The story will, however, remain linked via this website as well as made available on Project Gutenberg. However, if someone knows how to make a book “permafree” in KDP, then please pass on the information. I’d really like to find out how to do that.

If you haven’t heard of Project Gutenberg, let me introduce you. Started in 1971, this nonprofit organization has worked to make available the world’s literature to everyone. Since then, the World Library Foundation has eclipsed Project Gutenberg and supports the initiative. These wonderful resources put primary, secondary, and tertiary literature at your digital fingertips. If you have an e-reader, mobile device, or desktop computer with a link to the internet, then you have a worldwide library ready-to-hand.

That said, I’m busy. Swamped with work. So, yes, Russian Pride is still in the hopper and I still hope to make my September 30th release date. Also in the hopper are a sequel to Pure Iron and The Dragon Wore a Kilt. I doubt I’ll have the time (or brain power) to write the sequel to Daughter of the Twin Moons this year. No doubt another idea or six will hit me and demand that I write the stories for those before year’s end, too.