Meet Selina Kyle, the newest addition to our family.

Of all the things I might have expected to happen over the Thanksgiving weekend, adopting a dog wasn’t one of them. But my husband knows I’m a softie and partial to Great Danes. My husband’s coworker knows that, too. Really, I never stood a chance.

This is either good marketing or extortion: know your target so well that he or she has no option but to accept. If you’d like to see how I relate the example of getting a new dog to a facet of effective marketing–knowing your audience–take a gander at this week’s LinkedIn post.

And, yes, she’s named after Catwoman. That’s ironic, because our cats intimidate her. Especially Brutus, who has clearly expressed his displeasure. Guido and Alice aren’t happy either. Sparky and Sally don’t care.

So, let’s face it, I’ve been occupied with the dog. Nothing much else is getting done–at least not today.

I do, however, have a cover for the short story that will be released in December as a Christmas gift for my readers. For those who don’t recall (or didn’t read) last week’s blog, I will be releasing “Skeins of Gold,” a retelling of the fairy tale of Rumpelstiltskin. What makes this different from the usual run of fairy tales retold is that it’s written from the perspective of the miller’s daughter, who’s trapped by her father’s lie, the king’s greed, and an imp’s curse. The promised “happily ever after” of wedding a king doesn’t appeal to her. Loyalty to her foolish father prevents her from denouncing him. The imp–the traditional villain of the story–takes on a heroic aspect. Oh, the story’s suitable for most audiences: no explicit content.

What more could you want?