November and December of 2017 brought a dearth of freelance projects and a hefty dose of burnout. But I’m back in the  proverbial saddle and focusing forward.

First, I joined a mastermind group. The group has an entrepreneurial focus, which should come in handy as we brainstorm and work through the challenges that face all “solopreneurs.” We meet every other week for 90 minutes and set goals for ourselves for each gathering. Our next meeting is February 1, and my goal is to finish the draft for Daughter of the Deepwood. The advantage of this goal is that it’s not only self-imposed, the mastermind group also holds me accountable. Thus far, I’ve made good progress and I will get this thing done.

Second, I finished the marketing course and have put into place the workflow processes and intentional activity aimed at producing results. I am now beginning to see the effects of implementation. That encourages me. If you haven’t already connected with me on LinkedIn, please do so. Expanding the professional network has nothing to do with how many “friends” fit into a boast, but with making those connections that bring me into contact with people whom I can help and who can help me. It’s an effort in building community. And it makes me feel a little less solitary sitting in my office ignored by the cats and with the dog hiding beneath the desk.

Third, I will be posting a third weekly blog beginning this week. My Monday blogs are posted on LinkedIn. Tuesdays, I post a blog on this website. On Thursdays, I now will post another blog on this website, part of the MFRW blog challenge. This week’s MFRW blog challenge topic is “What would I do if I couldn’t be a writer?” Expect the unexpected in the Thursday blogs, because these could go wildly sideways. You never know what mood I’ll be in when I buckle down to write these, so prepare for some slap-happy prose.

Fourth, I’m filling the pipeline with projects. Communication with a first-time author should yield an editing project that will turn her mystery into something really intriguing. Combined contact through Craigslist and LinkedIn–who would have guessed at that coincidence?–should yield a ghostwriting contract for a cozy mystery. Hey, give me the plot summary and outline, and I can write the story. Another proposal and a follow-up phone call should yield another ghostwriting project for a gardening book. Yet another potential client has an editing-and-ghostwriting project on healthful ethnic foods that I hope will begin soon.

Positive vibes, folks, positive vibes.

For those who worry that the potential workload will prevent me from producing my own books, don’t fret. I become more productive with a busy workload.

So, in anticipation of the upcoming completion of Daughter of the Deepwood, I thought it would be fun to solicit reader opinions. First, I have three potential covers for Daughter of the Deepwood. Participate in the survey and let me know your preference for a book cover. Second, as you know, I have several in the works, but two are sequels and the third will make the last book of an unintended trilogy. Go to my new Upcoming Books page and choose which of the three books you want to read first. The title with the highest response gets my attention and will be finished first.

Participate in the polls. Send me your comments and questions. Visit the Hen House Publishing page on Facebook and visit my profile on LinkedIn. I really do enjoy engaging with readers and colleagues and potential clients. Let’s chat.