Saturday I flew down to South Carolina and moved in temporarily with my parents. I checked my luggage, which the TSA promptly opened and rummaged through. I’ll be here for four weeks.

The move happened upon request. My mother had surgery yesterday. The Friday before, my father had some sort of cardiac procedure done. I’m here to take care of them. Dad’s looking pretty good. He’s toddling around–slowly. In the hospital yesterday, we requisitioned a wheelchair and I pushed him wherever he needed to go. Mom’s surgery went well, although issues arose from the anesthesia. I expect her to be discharged from the hospital tomorrow (Wednesday). Then the fun begins.

Rehab. Physical therapy. I don’t envy my mother, because that’s going to hurt.

In the meantime, I’ll do what work I can. I notified all my clients, so they won’t be surprised when they don’t hear from me. And now I’ve notified you. Don’t expect much over the next four weeks, because I’ll be otherwise occupied. I will make sure that Daughter of the Deepwood is released, though. No postponement.

Cheers for now.