While I have the time, I’ll add this week’s blog.

First, the publishing update: You already know that Daughter of the Deepwood e-book goes live on March 31. Now the print format is available for pre-order as well. The print copy price is $8.99–no more than if you purchased it off the bookstore shelf.

Second, an update on Mom: She came home from the hospital on Thursday. Thursday evening was rough, really rough. Mom now spends her days and nights in her recliner. I started sleeping on the sofa near her chair, ready-to-hand if she needed me. Physical therapy started today.

One thing we hadn’t really considered post-surgery was clothing. Unable (and forbidden) to bent more than 90 degrees at the waist, putting on pants (or shoes or socks) isn’t an option. I brought two of the sari wrap skirts from Darn Good Yarn with me. She loves them. They’re easy to put on, easy to fit, preserve her modesty, and pretty. Don’t discount pretty. When you’re in pain, tired, and generally feel like crap, something pretty lifts your spirits. She also appreciates being properly dressed instead of greeting people in her pajamas. She ordered three. My husband shipped the rest of my sari wrap skirts and now she has five to wear until her three are delivered.

I identified a new market for these skirts: women who have had “below the waist” surgery.

Third, the next book: I’ve done nothing on any work-in-progress since arriving in South Carolina. Frankly, I’m barely keeping up with the ongoing client work I do have. (Right now, I’m prospecting for short-term editing projects.) That doesn’t mean my mind isn’t always mulling over ideas and I’ve got the glimmer of a story line for the third book in the Twin Moons Saga. If it sees daylight, it will be … interesting. Enders will, of course, make a cameo appearance. But this book will focus on the deposed and reputedly insane king of the Unseelie Court. Interested?

To my current clients, especially those to whom I owe content, I have restarted work on your projects.

Fourth: The weather in South Carolina has been really nice. Yesterday, my sister-in-law took me out for the afternoon. I admit to feeling a bit stir crazy. We had lunch at Olive Garden, then went shopping. I bought shoes and wine. She bought a bottle of rose lemonade, which is light, sweet, and strangely refreshing when served over ice. The weather was glorious: above 70 degrees F and sunny. We took advantage of that by driving my brother’s convertible with the top down.

And that’s it for this week.