Sometimes the business of business gets away from me. It did yesterday, which is why my regular blog is late.

This blog started as an exercise in something I should do. It’s something businesses and authors all seem to agree needs to be done in order to build an audience (i.e., market) for their products and services. It’s also a substitute for a journal or diary, a way to express thoughts, sometimes just a way to vent frustrations. I try to use it also as a way to teach.

Blogs may appear impersonal. They have become ubiquitous: everyone has a blog. However, people write these essays. Some write them for ulterior motives, others because they’re paid to write them, and still others for more altruistic purposes. My blog–like every other blog out there–hits all three, depending upon the moon I’m in and the thoughts that strike me as I write.

My weekly blog doesn’t adhere to a running theme of topics or a scheduled, much less logical, progression of ideas. Truth to tell, it’s pretty haphazard. And sometimes it falls off my radar.

Like it did yesterday.

I do try to maintain a schedule: Mondays I post an article on LinkedIn. Tuesdays I write the Hen House Publishing blog, which goes live on Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday morning, depending on whether I remember to schedule it. Wednesdays are dedicated to book and event promotions. Thursdays I write for the MRFW 52-week Blog Challenge: those essays go live on Friday mornings. In the meantime, I also contribute a daily post on LinkedIn. And, of course, there’s the work that pays the bills.

I write blogs for other companies. I manage three newsletters. I am in the midst of editing another author’s manuscript. I am working on my own manuscripts. Yes, that’s plural. Because I’m in business, paid work comes first in the list of things to do. Even when it’s overwhelming.

So, this week’s blog is late. But better late than never.

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