I took a week’s vacation, traveling to Minnesota for a family reunion, then back home for Independence Day and to finish revising my manuscript. Oh, and to visit the new horse.

New horse, you ask?

I’ve mentioned the lovely Lady Anastasia in previous blog posts. She’s my 33-year old Morgan mare. Thirty-three is ancient for a horse. I like to say that Stasia’s living on borrowed time and she’s borrowing it from me.

Anyway, Stasia’s last farrier appointment did not go as planned. Always steady on her feet, she lost her balance twice. Age, unfortunately, caught up with the lovely Lady Anastasia and annihilated my plans to ride her this year.

I’m not ready to give up horseback riding. Sure, I’m older, fat, unfit, and a host of other undesirable and unhealthy adjectives. But I’m not ready to stop riding. So, I started searching for another horse. That other horse had to meet certain criteria with regard to age, training, budget, and breed. Granted, my breed preferences put most such horses beyond my budget. I’m not content with a common Quarter Horse. Seeing as this will probably be the last horse I will ever own, I feel justified in setting parameters. I won’t settle for just anything.

I searched on Craigslist, Equinenow, Dreamhorse, etc. I networked among friends and acquaintances. One of them finally pointed me toward a breeder and trainer in Camden who had a Morgan for sale. So, I went, I saw, I was conquered.

In the next few months, I’ll introduce you to WMS Laurel Madline, a.k.a. “Diva,” a 10-year old Morgan mare. She’s a bit green yet, which is why she’s still with the trainer even after forking over the purchase price. He’ll put a handle on her. She’s a little taller than Stasia and most definitely built along sturdier lines. Of least importance, she’s a bright chestnut without any obviously distinguishing markings.

So, I’ll have a new trail buddy. I’ll miss riding Stasia, but look forward to many miles with Diva.

I think Stasia will enjoy having a new pasturemate, too. She’s lonely without the pony to keep her company. She likes Booboo, the llama, but he’s not much of a conversationalist.

In other good news, the pony appears to be doing wonderfully with her new family. I hope to see her the first week of August at the Champaign County Fair and watch “her boy” ride her in the 4-H show.