​Cowgirl meets biker … what could go wrong?

When a biker shoots her sister’s prize steer, champion roper Melanie goes after him. Unfortunately, she doesn’t think it through, and that hot temper puts her squarely in Hammer’s sights. Melanie’s ire only increases when Hammer defuses the dangerous situation by claiming her as his property. If the former Marine and now sergeant-at-arms of the Black Ice Revolution MC thinks she’s his for the taking, he’s sadly mistaken. She wants nothing to do with him, but he’s not about to let this sexy, feisty woman go. 

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​Hammer sighed. He’d known this wouldn’t go well. He tried again to explain. “I claimed her as mine, which means she gets the protection of the club and, by extension, so does her family. She’s got to stay with me for a while, at least until the Dogs lose interest. Black Ice Revolution will extend protection to you and yours until then.” 

Melanie wanted to stomp her foot like a child, but she heard and saw the truth in what he said. “Tell them I’m your girlfriend if you want, but I’m living here.” 

The biker gave her a small smile and shook his head. “Ain’t gonna work that way, sugar. They need to see you with me.”

“But I don’t want—”

“Do you want to see your father and sister hurt and your livestock killed?”

She blanched. “Surely, you don’t think they’d do that?”

“You hurt their pride, girl. Men like that—”

“You mean men like you,” she accused. 

He continued speaking as though she hadn’t interrupted. “—won’t take that lying down.” 

“That greasy fool killed my sister’s prized steer,” she insisted. “We’re the ones insulted, not them.”

He pulled a thick envelope from his back pocket and handed it to Melanie’s father. “Sir, here’s the money for the steer. Prez of Satan’s Dogs ain’t entirely unreasonable.”