About a year ago, I posted an article on this blog content which expressed my disagreement with a claim that not only could a person produce a great book within a week, but that editors were entirely unnecessary. That person makes such declaration on his website: it’s public.

This blog, too, is public. Nothing I stated in my blog was untrue. I did not call him a liar, insult his parentage, or otherwise state anything false. I disagreed with his public declaration.

Some people can’t handle disagreement.

On Sunday, February 16, 2020, he sent a message to via Facebook instead of through the very same website where the article is posted stating that he took his brand seriously and threatened me with legal action if I did not remove the article immediately. I take my brand seriously, too, and stand by my words. The article stays. He has no legal grounds.

He expressed his opinion. I expressed mine and backed it up with authoritative sources and my own examples.

Anyway, let me put this clearly: You do not have the right not to be offended. You do not have the right to forbid someone to disagree with you.

If you disagree with me, that’s perfectly fine. You have that right. I probably won’t like it. Your disagreement might offend my delicate sensibilities. That doesn’t mean it’s illegal.

The situation reminds me of an extremely harsh book review received for Russian Gold. Boy, that review hurt! I responded to the review (wrong move, there) and wrote about it this blog. The reviewer then objected to my description of her review as “brutal.” I responded, stating that she had the right to express her opinion about the book and I had the right to express my opinion about her review. She shut up–at least she stopped engaging me directly.

It’s public, folks. Anyone can disagree with what you put out there. Anyone can discredit your statements as long they’re not lying. They have that right.

Anyone will tell you that I will readily admit my mistakes. Prove I’m wrong and you’ll get both an apology and a correction. Otherwise, I’ll simply disengage. I haven’t the time or energy to waste on someone who tries to bully me.