Author registration for the 2020 Springfield Book Fair opened on March 1. Some things have changed and some remain the same.

Since last year’s experiment with holding two book fairs in a single year didn’t go well at all, we’re back down to just one event this year. Never say we don’t learn from our mistakes. The former dates for 2020 have been changed to a single date accommodating a single event: Saturday, June 13. The event will run from 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM. I don’t yet know the food truck scheduled for that day. Fingers are crossed that our new date doesn’t conflict with anything major that could significantly affect attendance.

The location remains the same: Mother Stewart’s Brewing Company. As before, authors will be required to park in the lot at West Columbia Avenue and Center Street, not in the parking lot in front of the brewery. They may, however, unload and load in the front parking lot.

Author registration includes one table and one chair. Authors may share their tables with other authors; all I ask is that they notify me so that I can set their tables up with extra chairs and to send me the names and contact information of the authors with whom they’re sharing their tables. No author may have more than one table.

Author registration also includes a drink ticket. Authors may redeem their tickets for beer or soft drinks. If you drink beer, I encourage you to sample Mother Stewart’s craft brews. The brewery may or may not have live music scheduled. I hope they will. If you know of a musical performer or band who’d like to set up and play in the tap room, send me their contact information. It won’t be a paid gig, but I’ll be happy to contribute some drink tickets to keep their throats wet.

Authors will be, again, distributed throughout the brewing room. As before, any backdrops must be freestanding. No one is permitted to affix anything to the vats. See the photo from last year’s summer book fair to see the space and how author tables are arranged. (More brewing vats are behind the tables on the left.) I really love this building: it’s so unique and interesting.

We will be expanding our marketing efforts through the service of Personalized Marketing Inc. This is a paid service and fees for it will be covered by event registration fees, as well the cost of paid advertisements. (Costs for promotion of past events were paid from my pocket.) Essentially, the event must cover its expenses or it cannot continue. Personalized Marketing Inc., by the way, specializes in social media marketing for authors. If you’re looking to offload your marketing, I highly recommend them.

The increased costs described above are reflected in this year’s increased registration fee of $75. The higher fee still puts author registration for this event at the low end of similar events’ registration fees, keeping author participation affordable. Participating authors are still asked to assist with marketing by sharing event announcements and materials across their social media networks. Authors must help attract attendees.

As always, all genres are welcome. Registration is limited and will close when all tickets are sold or on May 31, whichever happens first.

Next up, a trip to Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida for a weekend immersion in “Harry Potter World.” This is going to be fun!


Author tables in the brewing room. Summer Book Fair 2019.