A career in freelance can be compared to living in a pinball machine with the freelancer being the pinball. Every week, we launch ourselves from the weekend stupor into projects and client expectations. When the freelancer is also an author, another layer of expectations flings the writer hither and yon.

Lately, those “author expectations” have been disappointed. It’s not going to change any time soon, I don’t think.

Most of my client work lately has been focused on editing projects. Perhaps that’s a good thing, as it doesn’t strain my creativity all that much. The analytical side of my mind gets a lot more use that way and I can focus the creativity elsewhere: paintings, wood turning, another client’s project.

Then there was the Northwestern Band Association Craft Fair, an experiment of sorts in piggybacking on an event unrelated to book fairs and author signings. My bestie, Cindra, graciously agreed to be my companion for the day. She brought six of her paintings to display and sell. The event was held outdoors (COVID, you know) and we brought masks (COVID, you know). The weather cooperated: comfortable temperatures and breezy, but no rain. Veterans of the annual event commented that attendance wasn’t as strong as in past years, but I had nothing to complain about.

It was my best event yet. I sold a dozen books. I actually recouped the registration fee and then some. Since the event was held a mile from my home, I didn’t have far to travel and there was no need for overnight accommodations. Sure, my husband bought a canopy to cover our tables and chairs–no, proceeds from sales did not cover that expense–but I still count the event as a solid win. I need to find and participate in more of these types of events.

Cindra sold three of her paintings. I think she was pretty chuffed, too. I mailed my registration for next year’s event in the hope that success will be repeated or even improved upon. Fingers are crossed.

So, back to bouncing around the pinball machine.

In lieu of writing my own stuff, I’m enjoying the creativity of others. I’m enjoying reading books by other authors and lapsing into “reader” mode instead of “editor” or “author” mode. I’ve been binge-watching Lucifer with my husband. What a hoot! Will Tom Ellis (who plays Lucifer) reign over Henry Cavil or Chris Hemsworth as society’s favored heartthrob? (I have to admit, Cavil, as Geralt in The Witcher, makes my heart go pitter-patter.)

Yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s a little creepy for a woman of my age to ogle men young enough (almost) to be my sons.

Then life and work fling me elsewhere. Three weeks ago, my husband brought home a stray kitten, which now makes eight kitties residing in our small house. On October 3rd, my horses returned from training and are now my responsibility and chore to deal with. That’s daunting. I attended a wood turning class with my husband, a date of sorts. We made pens. I’m not exactly proficient when it comes to power tools, but that was fun. My husband has a lathe and pen blanks and the other accoutrements needed to make pens.

Hm, perhaps there’s a new hobby in the works?

Back to reading options. Have you read my books? Well, I’m not going to: I know those stories. I wrote them. There are over 20 books available for download, so there’s no shortage of material to occupy your leisure hours.

And if we get really lucky, maybe I’ll get my butt in gear to crank out another book before the year ends. Then again, maybe not. At this point, I’m not promising anything.