I wept yesterday.

Last week, we received a postage due envelope for the princely sum of $3.49 for a package from Catholic Central, the local parochial school. That’s the school our children attended. Our older son, Matt, graduated from Catholic Central.

Yesterday, the package arrived. Curious, I opened it and saw handmade cards with short, sweet messages scrawled on folded copy paper by some children in the school’s second grade class. Enclosed with the cards was a note from the assistant principal stating that the condolence cards were the product of the second grade’s annual service project. The school inculcates community service to all its students, from volunteering at local food pantries to, apparently, expressions of sympathy.

The assistant principal likely remembers Matt, who graduated from Catholic Central in 2015. The second graders most certainly never met him.

I showed the cards and note to my husband. He wept, too.

As this horrible year marches on, we remember our son who died in January, we pine for his loss, and we pray for his peace. It helps to know that others pray for him, too, as well as for us. I am grateful for their prayers.