Today we’re having a mid-season holiday dinner with our older son’s former neighbors.

When Matt  died, his neighbors across the corridor offered to take in his dog, Moose, until we could get down to Birmingham to pick him up and bring him home. These kind souls not only took in Moose, but they boarded their own dog at a kennel to accommodate a near-stranger’s pet. They took him to their veterinarian to get some tranquilizers to ease the poor pup’s distress. After we brought Moose home, they sent gifts for the dog and for us.

It really brought home our dependence upon the kindness of strangers.

In October, I finally had the honor and pleasure of meeting Cheyenne and Tyler for the first time. I didn’t quite know what to expect. They’re unlike our boy with tattoos and free spirits. But these two young adults brim with kindness and compassion and I am eternally grateful to them.

So, we’ve essentially adopted them.

Cheyenne and Tyler moved to Columbus, Ohio in July and have no family here. We’re stepping up as their “Ohio mom and dad.” I want to be their go-to resource for support. If they need anything, I want them to contact us. We not only owe them for their kindness, but we like them as people, too.

Matt couldn’t have asked for better neighbors.

So, today we’re celebrating the holidays as their busy schedules allow. I’m cooking dinner: roast duck, mushroom risotto, baked squash, and green beans. The china and stemware have been washed. We’ll use Aunt Josie’s glasses for water and Grandma Wacek’s silver plate silverware. These two young people are now our family and we will use our family’s fine dinnerware in honor of them.


Photo by Jed Owen on Unsplash.