After finishing Knight of the Twin Moons (book #4 in the Twin Moons Saga), I started three new manuscripts:

  1. A sequel to Triple Burn.
  2. A fifth book in the Twin Moons Saga.
  3. A fifth book in the Russian Love series.

I’ve only got one chapter—maybe two—to go on the third manuscript which will be titled Russian Revival.

Working Book Blurb
Here’s a quick summary of the story. This is where I’m starting with the back cover blurb:

Former concert violinist Evelina lives under WITSEC protection because her testimony sent ex-boyfriend Carlos Farillo. Carlos wants revenge. Getting out of prision early gives him that opportunity sooner rather than later.

Inessa alerts her cousin to the danger and persuades her husband, Giovanni, to extend his protection. Giovanni dispatches his underboss, Ciro Mancini, to Cleveland, Tennessee with two assignments: expand the Maglione territory as the new capo of southern Tennessee and protect his wife’s cousin from the Farillo cartel. Shortly after arriving, Ciro realizes the cartel already knows where Evelina has been hiding and has been keeping an eye on her for Carlos.

Attracted to the pretty violinist, Ciro decides that changing her identity once again by giving her the Mancini name will not only help to conceal her but will also cement the Maglione mob’s protection over her. Not at all enthusiastic about the idea, Evelina agrees to his scheme after her apartment is invaded. And off they go to Las Vegas for a quick wedding.

The journey to Las Vegas puts Ciro in another mob boss’ territory. That boss happens to be the father of Lorenzo Iscarus, a world renowned concert pianist. Lorenzo’s father entertains ideas of having musical prodigies for grandchildren, which puts Ciro in danger and compounds Evelina’s peril, assuming Lorenzo falls in line with his father’s aspirations.

Evelina wavers between wanting to return to the stage and wanting to return to the relative obscurity of being a landscaper. She soon finds herself depending upon her husband and succumbs to her attraction to him. Ciro struggles with protecting the wife with whom he’s quickly falling in love, saving his own skin, and building a business to expand his boss’ empire.

Will they neutralize the threats against them without igniting a mob war?

The Process of Publishing
Writing the book is only completion of the first big step in the publishing process. Once I get that last chapter (or two) drafted, I go back to the beginning. I’ll review the manuscript, self-edit, “machine” edit, and revise. Then the document will go off to my wonderful editor, Cindy Draughon.

When she has finished editing the manuscript, it’s back to the beginning to address her recommended changes. That’s something a lot of people don’t realize: the editor suggests changes. Nothing the editor does is set in stone; however, since I’m paying for her professional expertise, I’d be remiss in not giving every suggestion thorough consideration. I generally accept anywhere between 75 to 95 percent of her changes. I truly appreciate her insight when she points out where my plot drops the proverbial ball or when what I’ve written makes no sense. I ask for candor: “Don’t worry about hurting my feelings. Let’s get this right.”

In the meantime, I’ll be getting a front cover professionally designed. With this book, I will likely have new covers for the entire series done, budget willing.

Of course, there’s formatting: the interior pages of the book have to look good and read well, too. And, last but not least, there’s marketing. Expect to see a lot more promotion of this book in the coming weeks. I will, of course, announce here, on Facebook, on LinkedIn, and on Twitter when it goes up for pre-order. The pre-order price will be discounted, so take advantage of that opportunity while you can!


Image by Paul Kehrer from Chicago, USA on Wikimedia.