I have a cover for Russian Revival and it’s amazing! Many thanks go to Drew Robinson of Spork Design for taking on this project. He’s a wonderful artist. Yes, he drew the cover; the image is a charcoal pencil drawing.

And I have an updated cover blurb for the book, too. Let’s hope it doesn’t go through too many more revisions before it does the job.

My testimony put my lover behind bars.

WITSEC took me into protective custody. Once a celebrated concert violinist, I gave up everything. I’ve moved and changed my identity five times in the past eight years to stay safe. Now I’m trying to build a small business in landscaping.

Now Carlos is free and he wants revenge. He’s got an entire cartel to make sure he gets it.

WITSEC has abandoned me, and I have to hide and change my name one more time. Ciro Mancini, the new capo of southern Tennessee, offers me his name, his protection, and the possibility of resuming my concert career.

Mafia protection comes with strings attached, and Ciro’s support puts him in danger, too. I desperately want that career in music, but perhaps landscaping is safer for the both of us.

Have I just jumped from the frying pan into the fire?

Russian Revival, the fifth book in my Russian Love series, will be available for pre-order soon. Stay tuned!