I finished writing the latest manuscript two weeks ago, and it’s in the editor’s hands. While she works her magic, I’m taking a break from writing.

I’ve learned to do that: take breaks. Hopping from one manuscript to the next in fast succession leads to burnout. So, while I’ve got a couple more ideas simmering on the back burners of my mind, I’m letting my “well of creativity” replenish itself.

What do I do during the lull between projects? I read. A lot. I paint. I watch TV. I focus on freelance work. And I do what my marketing team asks.

Their latest request was for a drafted cover blurb for the latest book, Champion of the Twin Moons, the fifth book in the Twin Moons Saga. Here’s what we’ve got:

In the enchanting world of the fae, Chastian, the gallant Champion of the Seelie Court, discovers his destined mate while visiting the Erlking—and she’s a human child.

Years pass, and Chastian eagerly awaits the day when he can claim his love and live happily ever after. But fate has other plans for them: the once-innocent child grows up and marries another, leaving him shattered and desolate.

The anguish of unrequited love proves too much for Chastian to bear, and he descends into a dark abyss of despair, consumed by sorrow and pain. His once-noble spirit becomes twisted and corrupted, turning him into a fearsome and ruthless villain.

Yet when the realm’s highest powers call upon Chastian to serve once more, he discovers a new purpose and a new mate—the daughter of his long lost love. Will she be the one to heal his wounded heart and restore his soul to its former glory?

Or will she reject him, like her mother before her, when she learns the extent of his corruption and malice?

What do you think?

Upcoming and intended for publication yet this year are:

  • The third book and maybe even a fourth book in the Triune Alliance Brides series. The general superior of Double Cut wants his story told, and I need a third story for Kaan, the third planet in the Triune Alliance.
  • The sixth book in the Russian Love series. This book will focus on Battista and his thus-far-unknown lady love with the relationship between Sergio and Dr. Suzanne Petroff serving as a related subplot. One of the couples will serve as I intend for it to conclude the series.

Is there anything new coming out?

Maybe. I’ve got a few dozen unfinished manuscripts languishing on the hard drive. Of course, they’re languishing for a reason. Regardless, there are some tropes and genres I want to try out. We’ll see what happens.

In the meanwhile, keep an eye out for events. Check out my calendar. If you’re in the area where one of “my” events is being held, stop by! Let’s chat. Share a story or joke. And if you’re interested in buying a book, be sure to reserve one so I’ll have a copy ready for you.