We use the phrase “unintended consequences” to refer to the usually negative and deleterious ramfications of decisions or actions. These consequences may surprise us, although the application of common sense suggests that we should have known better.

I have recently benefited from unintended consequences, so I’m not complaining.

My latest book, DOUBLE CUT, is the sequel to TRIPLE BURN, which was never intended to be a series starter. In fact, TRIPLE BURN didn’t do well when it was published.

The editor liked it. I liked it. The cover was great. The sub-genre crossover (science fiction reverse harem romance) was popular (and still is). It was marketed via social media and various book promotion services.

Readers didn’t like it. The most common reason I could glean was because the story had a bittersweet ending rather than an unqualifed HEA (“happily ever after”). TRIPLE BURN struggled to get ratings and reviews.

A few years later, I wrote a sequel: DOUBLE CUT. The editor loved it. I like it. The cover is great. The sub-genre crossover remains popular. It is being marketed through social media and sponsored ads on Facebook and Amazon.

Readers like it. In fact, since the debut of DOUBLE CUT, readers have been downloading TRIPLE BURN … and they’re liking it. The little book that struggled to get three reviews now has several and over 40 ratings—the majority positive.

Who would have thought that publishing a sequel to a poorly selling and poorly received book would have such a positive effect? Not I.

But I’m grateful. I am grateful for every copy sold.

The positive response to the newly named series (Triune Alliance Brides) inspires me to continue the series. So, I’ve got a third book planned for release this year—maybe even a fourth. We’ll see.