I’ve worked pretty much nonstop for the past couple of weeks, and the busy-ness will continue through mid-July. After Oddmall, I participated at the Springfield Antique Show & Flea Market Extravaganza. Both were interesting experiences, as I’d not been to either before. (Read the May 23rd blog for  my report on Oddmall.)

Overall, sales of books at the Springfield event were good. Paintings not so much. However, the hours of operation were grueling. By Sunday afternoon, Cindra and I were utterly exhausted. We left early. Although I more than recouped the registration fee and per diem expenses, I’m not sure that I’ll return.

The following weekend we got a small respite with a one-day event: the Ohio Authors Book Fair at Destination Outlets in Jeffersonville, Ohio. The outlet mall is massive and the 40 or so authors present were scattered about the complex. We were almost invisible. Double or triple the number of participating vendors (i.e., authors) would have made for a stronger presence noticed by shoppers. The event was, unfortunately, plagued by a power outage. We’ll give it another try next year.

This past weekend Cindra and I went from one event on Friday evening to another event on Saturday. Friday evening’s event was the BGAC First Friday Art Walk. We attended three of the Art Walks last year and, overall, did pretty well at them. At one, we sold more paintings than books, another time more books than paintings. At the last one in October 2022, I sold no paintings and several books. This time … what a disappointment! I sold two books, one of an old friend who made the trip to Beech Grove from Carmel just to say hello. (Thank you, Sharon!) Neither Cindra nor I sold any paintings.

Last year, we were informed the prices we put on our paintings were far too low for original artwork, so we raised our prices to havel what was suggested and which was twice what we were charging. Regardless of the reason—high prices, inflation, tight budgets—we have both noticed that sales of paintings are lagging this year.

Although Cindra and I do travel to some interesting places, we don’t get to mix business with pleasure much. The pleasure part of that equation is expensive, and we’re trying to make a profit as well as build our creative reputations. When we can, we try out new restaurants. Finding a great new restaurant is truly a pleasure for both of us, especially since our dietary preferences differ. Once in a great while if we’re located in a downtown area, we’ll take a tour of the locale and maybe pop into a shop. We find some great jewelry that way. (Both of us are jewely junkies.) Mostly, though, we’re in and out of the event location, glad to escape to our hotel rooms or get back home to rest after a long day of trying to be saleswomen.

If you want to know where Cindra and I will be going, check out the EVENTS page. If you’ll be going to any of those events and want to reserve copies of the books I’ll be bringing, make sure to fill out the reservation form. No payment is required at the time of order.