I have one more event before taking a break in July: Art on the Hill & Wine Tasting, Too! in Mantua, Ohio. This event is a first for me (and my bestie, Cindra) and will take place on Saturday, July 8, on East Prospect Street. In 2014, this event was named the “Best Arts and Cultural Event in Portage County.”

Who knows what lovely wines I’ll find and buy?

The break in my event schedule was set months ago when my husband planned on traveling to Alaska to visit with our son, Brian. The original plan was for my husband, our son, and our son’s girlfriend to drive back to the lower 48. The plan changed, but I still kept my calendar free.

My son and his girlfriend will be driving back to Ohio—with their two cats. My husband will fly up to Alaska to visit with them for a few days and help them with the final preparations for leaving the nation’s northernmost state. He will fly back home.

Those who don’t know me might inquire as to why I don’t go go Alaska, too. Simply put: logistics. We live on a farm. We have livestock. Someone’s got to stay home to take care of the animals. My husband is usually the one who stays home; this time, he gets to travel and I will stay home.

What will I do with my weekends free of events? I’ll go trail riding, of course! And I’ll work on the next book which will be the third in the Triune Alliance Brides series.

If you’ve been wondering why I haven’t published anything since Double Cut came out in March, that’s because I’ve been working on the fifth book in the Twin Moons SagaChampion of the Twin Moons

Have you read the series? Some of my favorite characters pop into the new book: Unseelie King Uberon and Master Enders the Archivist. Champion of the Twin Moons focuses on the oldest son of Enders and Daniellisande, the daughter of Captain Thelan of the Seelie Court’s Royal Guard and his mate, the moon-born Catriona. This book departs from the pattern of previous books, but it all makes wraps up and makes sense in the end.

Like all books in each of my series, Champion of the Twin Moons may be read as a standalone novel. There is no cliffhanger.

The official release for Champion of the Twin Moons is July 19. Pre-order your copy now.