The Twin Moons Saga is the fantasy romance series that keeps on giving. One story sparks an idea for the next … and I’m now five books into the series. Will there be a sixth? Probably.

The beauty of the Twin Moons Saga or any of the series I write is that each book can be read as a standalone novel complete unto itself. I detest cliffhangers and won’t inflict them upon my readers.

Champion of the Twin Moons departs somewhat from my usual style. It focuses more intently upon the hero’s journey, his trials and tribulations and spiraling descent into villainry. Characters from other books in the series pop into Chastian’s story: Master Enders, the enigmatic Archivist; Uberon, the formidable Unseelie King; Ishjarta, former assassin and the new king of Fyrgia; and, of course, the dawn and midnight swifts, the powerful unicorns who serve as the fae realm’s highest powers.

However, the story doesn’t begin with Chastian; it begins with Rosalia, the former princess of Fyrgia, whose father was deposed (and decapitated). Now, at 12 years old and living with her mother (the former queen of Fyrgia) and her siblings as subjects of the Erlking, she receives an offer to study under the Archist’s tutelage—an unprecedented opportunity. No dummy, she accepts.

But she doesn’t know why the Archivist offered her that opportunity, especially since the fae haven’t a particularly good opinion of humans anyway. What Rosalia doesn’t know is that the Chastian, the Champion of the Seelie Court, recognizes her as his mate.

But she’s a child and Chastian is honorable.

The story doesn’t end there. The course of true love never did run smoothly, and fate has other plans for Chastian, including rejection. So, how does a fae male deal with rejection? Not well.

Embark on the rollercoaster ride of fate with Chastian and purchase your copy of Champion of the Twin Moons.